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  1. Don
    Don 10 августа 2023 16:36


    I heard from somebody, about your "Multy Currency No Loss Grid EA".

    What is the price, for this EA ?

    Please send to me, pictures of the Inputs, and a FULL USER GUIDE, of the Inputs.
    I want to see how it looks like.

    This person wrote to me, that he saw 1 problem:

    The Max Spreads, is for all the currency pairs, and not for each currency pair, SEPATATELY.

    Can you please repair this problem.


    1. 0
      ExpertForex Офлайн 10 августа 2023 16:44


      You can find descriptions of all our advisors here: https://exforex.su/1-foreks-sovetniki.html

      What is the price, for this EA ?

      We do not sell Expert Advisors on our website. But if you want to buy our products, then you are here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/ovpmusic/seller

  2. Гость alexander
    Гость alexander 13 ноября 2020 19:21
    Hola me he registrado bajo su cuenta en roboforex, la misma es 34046456
    Quisiera obtener el Asian Hamster

    1. 0
      ExpertForex Офлайн 13 ноября 2020 23:10
      Thank you for trusting our company!
      Your account on our website has been transferred to the VIP group. Now you can access all the materials on our site.
      Your account # 34046456 with RoboForex broker is activated for all our expert advisors. You can use anyone on this account.
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